Poffertjes (Dutch traditional dessert in Indonesia)


Small, fluffy, hollow pancakes served with butter and sprinkled with sugar. What surprised me is this dessert is perfectly rounded but is hollow inside. Apparently, they are made in a special pan with several shallow indentations in the bottom to hold the batter and make perfectly puffed small pancakes. It is made of buckwheat flour and sugar syrup. It tastes delicious, much like the Indian ‘maalpua.’ I would totally recommend the Dutch to dip these in sugar syrup!


Puffy Poffertjes

I tasted these on vacation in a tiny hill resort in Indonesia known as the Puncak Pass Resort.

The hill-town of Puncak (prounounced Poon-chak) is only three hours away from Jakarta by road but because of its altitude, it is blessed with fabulous weather.

Puncak Pass Resort is a heritage resort built by the Dutch colonialists in 1928 but is still beautiful even today. The resort sits atop a small hillock and you can see the green valley and the clouds floating by, as you dig into your poffertjes and sip hot coffee.

The restaurant in this resort retains some heritage Dutch foods on the menu. These  dishes have become part of Indonesian culture and are very popular even among Indonesians now.



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