Valentine’s Day and Some Fishy Business

Three Cheese Grilled Chicken Sandwich

Three Cheese Grilled Chicken Sandwich

Grilled Barramundi with Vegetables

Grilled Barramundi with Vegetables

I never got around to the kitchen today. I did wake up with fantasies of cooking up a storm for L. He has sacrificed going for movies for one year to keep me company while I recuperate. But sometimes, good intentions get crushed under the weight of the pillow and the comforter! I believe extra sleep adds to the well-being of the world, so that’s my contribution to Valentine’s Day.

We made do with early dinner at Bakerzin at Vivocity mall. I tried grilled barramundi with vegetables. The fish was fresh and crisp, the vegetables were crunchy and the sauce was perfectly light and flavorful. L had a three cheese chicken sandwich. I had to exercise iron will power to not take a bite of the cheese sandwich. And I nearly cried out of sadness when I couldn’t buy one of the fluffy macarons this restaurant specializes in. We take so many little things in our everyday life for granted. Its only when they are taken away from us that we realize how many precious blessings there are in each day. I swore on those pastel colored macarons beckoning me from the display that I would never again take them for granted. But I must say, I was very content with the fish.

I hope you find contentment too on this Valentine’s Day. Isn’t that why we look for that we can feel content? Happy Valentine’s Day!

P.S. I did get some shots of miniature teapots at a stall set up at a Chinese New Year Festival in the mall. See you tomorrow.

Miniature Teapots

Miniature Teapots



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