5 Reasons why I practice ‘the pause’

  1. It helps me to refocus on my priorities- When I am frantically running from one activity to another, I suddenly stop, take a deep breath and sit down for 2-3 minutes. This is the pause. I ask myself, “What am I doing? Why am I doing this?” It brings back attention to the most important things.
  2. It helps to slow down my mind – In the midst of a busy day, my mind runs at breakneck speed. I am constantly focusing on the next thing to do. In doing so, the present moment loses significance–it only becomes a means of stepping into a future moment. This is senseless because the present moment is all there is to my life. The pause helps me to bring back attention to the present moment.
  3. It gives me a moment to ‘smell the roses’– When I deliberately pause, it instantly gets me out of my head and makes me more appreciative of the important things in my immediate vicinity–the blossoming jasmines in my garden, the billowing clouds in the sky, the smell of coffee, and if nothing else, the sight of my pretty painted toe-nails!
  4. It gives me insight–Sometimes when I pause, I realize that what is stressing me out is not even so critical anyway. These little moments to myself have helped me get over my intense desire to be popular. They have helped me get over the feeling that I need to be doing something productive with every moment of my life. Time “wasted” when I sit and just be with myself may count towards no tangible outcome but it has rewarded me with a richer inner life. And if I am rich within, does being ‘productive’ really matter.
  5. I am more content. Case closed.

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